Mountain Dragons

In search of chameleon diversity in the highlands of Kenya

What’s in the book?

  • Amazing photographs of the unique chameleon fauna of the central and western highlands of Kenya.
  • Photos of beautiful landscapes and habitats of the East African highlands.
  • Photos of two recently described species of chameleon: Trioceros nyirit and Trioceros kinangopensis.
  • First ever photographs of living Trioceros conirostratus, a new population discovered in Kenya.
  • Species profiles on the natural history of montane chameleons found in the central and western highlands of Kenya.
  • Results of some of the research generated from the project.

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Book Summary

Mountain Dragons is a photographic account of a project to investigate chameleon species diversity across the central and western highlands of Kenya. The mountains of East Africa are fascinating places, beautiful landscapes covered in rainforest, bamboo and afroalpine moorlans. Despite being on the equator the climate can be very harsh with sub-zero temperatures and it is in these unusual environments that a unique chameleon fauna has evolved. The author collaborated closely with staff from the National Museums of Kenya to extensively survey the mountains of the central and western highlands of Kenya to document the distribution of chameleons and collect specimens to investigate morphological and genetic variation within two widespread species, Trioceros jacksonii and Trioceros hoehnelii. The book also contains information on two recently described species of chameleon discovered during the field work, and photographs of rarely seen species. There are novel facts about chameleons including morphological variation, ecology and distribution.  Some results from the scientific research are presented, which hopefully gives the reader a unique view of the montane chameleon fauna of Kenya.